In response to the question in the post below: “Jonas, What do you think of this nostalgia for the film projector, you the man with a digital video camera?”

Sharits’ Shutter Interface installation at Gallery Naftali had nothing to do with nostalgia: It was all real, here and now. The piece, as far as I know, was never done anywhere before. So this was a premiere. Now, today. Nostalgia has to do with past memories. But this event took place here and now, had no past. Nostalgia will come twenty years from now… if it ever comes…

By the way, we do not go to see Goya because of nostalgia, because he painted on canvas: we go to see Goya because his art is eternally here and now.

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    I agree with a lot of what you say, but I meant to stress the fact that a lot of young artist who are using moving pictures in their works, make elaborate projectors a part of the show as opposed to just a machine for projecting the film. I’m often asking myself, is this show about the machine of the image?
    I guess it could be both, but then, the machine presence is too strong comparing to the images themselves in too many recent shows.

    It’s like using and elaborate golden frame for every oil painting. Most contemporary paintings do not require a frame taken off a Renaissance painting.


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