Here is a machine translation of some thoughts of a friend in Hokkaidō, in reference to a post I made a few days ago:


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    not too bad translation:)

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    Here is a human translation:)

    Recommending three amazing books, Jonas Mekas talks about his art of reading:

    Here are three amazing books I have been reading on and off simultaneously, lately (I never read only one book, I keep switching between three, four, and more at the same time):

    I heartly agree with him about reading more than one book simultaneously or at the same time. Because a book is not an island and all books are connected via the meaning and sense of words, a variety of contexts, and a certain of narrative forms. As Jonas Mekas compares so callded Cinema or all films to a big tree, I like to imagine that all books make one big book, THE BOOK. So reading a book means launching oneself on the ocean, THE BOOK. However, it is not a mere accumlated informations or physical books, but is a truly cumlative treasure of one's life. It is not a only all the recorded of the world, but all the recordings of one's life.


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